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Open call "Supporting local cultural entrepreneurship" under the Culture programme of the European economic area financial mechanism 2014-2021

Title of the call for project proposals Open call “Supporting local cultural entrepreneurship” under the Culture Programme of the European economic area (EEA) financial mechanism 2014-2021
Call number LT04-3-KM-K01
Through the open call the Programme Operator seeks to select and support projects that best contribute to achieving Outcome 3 of the Culture Programme.
The general objective of the programme is to enhance socio-economic development through cultural cooperation, cultural entrepreneurship and cultural heritage management.
The specific aim of the Outcome 3 is to foster local cultural entrepreneurship by supporting development of cultural entrepreneurship skills (output 1) and by applying cultural potential and resources for local development and regeneration in the community (output 2).
To reach these objectives, the programme aims to promote place-led cultural entrepreneurship initiatives, the implementation of which shall use local cultural resources, engage local partners and create long-term cultural products and services, which will serve the community after the end of the Programme.
The following are the objectives of the open call “Supporting local cultural entrepreneurship” of the Programme:
  • To encourage a dialogue between local cultural institutions, municipalities, local communities and business representatives;
  • To strengthen entrepreneurial skills at a local level;
  • To raise awareness of the use of cultural resources;
  • To improve financial and project planning skills;
  • To improve conditions of infrastructure necessary for the implementation of cultural activities given the needs of local communities;
  • To revive cultural sites and heritage objects in order to foster local cultural life;
  • To ensure social belonging and non-discrimination in regions accommodating ethnic minorities.
Projects under this open call shall be selected by way of a two-stage procedure:
     1. Stage 1. A call for project concepts. In the first stage only the concept of the project is submitted for evaluation.
    2. Stage 2. A call for the selected applicants having presented the best concepts to submit a complete project application package.
Eligible applicants and partners
Eligible Applicants are Public or private entities, commercial or non-commercial and non-governmental organizations established as legal persons in the Republic of Lithuania
Project Partners:
     1. Public or private entities, commercial or non-commercial and non-governmental organizations established as legal persons in the Republic of Lithuania.
     2. Public or private entities, commercial or non-commercial and non-governmental organizations established as legal entities in one of the Donor States or in non-EEA countries, which share a border with Lithuania, also international organizations, entities or agencies as defined in clause 7.2.2 of the Regulation.
In the case that the applicant is not a Lithuanian local authority or a Lithuanian local community, it is mandatory to have both types of entities as partners.
In the case that the applicant is a Lithuanian local authority, it is mandatory to have a Lithuanian local community as partner."
In this call, the same institution can submit only one project concept (1st stage) as an Applicant. Should an Applicant submit more than one concept, the first submitted concept shall be assessed (based on the date and time of its submission), and all other concepts shall be rejected.
A project application shall be given additional points for including a Partner (-s) from the Donor States the application during the project benefit and quality evaluation stage (2nd stage).
There is no limit to the number of project partners.
Eligible activities Under this call financing shall be provided under two funding strands:
  • Strand 1. For projects restoring and adapting for cultural purposes immovable cultural heritage included in the Register of Cultural Property of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Strand 2. For projects adapting for cultural purposes sites not included in the Register of Cultural Property.
Assistance under this call will be provided to activities, such as:
  • Initiatives of local cultural communities promoting social inclusion and strengthening cultural identity of the site through culture;
  • Development of sustainable cultural services, which will also serve local communities after the end of the Project;
  • Developing skills of cultural entrepreneurship;
  • Community initiatives using the method of a creative placemaking – reviving significant cultural sites that have not been included in the Register of Cultural Property and/or cultural objects from the Register of Cultural Property through cultural activities
Applicants shall seek to contribute to the achievement of  output indicators as follows:
Number of people trained in cultural entrepreneurship (mandatory for both strands);
  • Number of cultural heritage sites restored and revitalized for cultural purposes (mandatory for the strand 1);
  • Number of sites revitalized for cultural purposes (mandatory for the strand 2).
  • Number of activities or campaigns on the use of cultural resources;
  • Number of marketing strategies developed;
  • Number of new services created;
  • Number of local stakeholders involved in entrepreneurial activities;
  • Number of projects using creative placemaking approach;
In the application form, the Applicants are obliged to set the baseline and target values for the following Programme results:
  • revenues generated by activities of the projects;
  • share of trained people reporting enhanced capacity in cultural entrepreneurship.
If the project foresees any bilateral activities, the Applicant shall seek to contribute to the following indicators:
  • Number of implemented joint cultural activities
  • Number of employees from Donor States taking part in the exchange (disaggregated by gender and the Donor State)
  • Number of employees from beneficiary states taking part in the exchange (disaggregated by gender and the beneficiary state)
The applicants shall be responsible for, and bear the costs of, monitoring and reporting on the achievements under all indicators relevant to their project(s).
Deadline for submitting applications Deadline for submitting project concepts:
30 September 2020 (16:00 Lithuanian time)
In order to receive financing, the Applicant shall online via the DMS fill in a concept for -
Applicants of the selected concepts shall be invited to submit full applications, the deadline shall be set in the invitation letter, which shall not be less than 2 months.
Selection process Evaluation of projects shall be organized by the Central Project Management Agency (Programme Operator). The projects to be funded are selected via two-stage call.
In the first stage only the concept of the project shall be evaluated by at least two independent experts. 10 top-scored concepts (5 from each strand), the total score of which shall be 60 at the least (out of 100), shall qualify for the second stage and shall be invited to submit complete applications.
In the second stage complete project applications submitted by the applicants selected under this stage 1, shall be evaluated in three phases:
1. Eligibility evaluation
2. Benefit and quality evaluation
3. Administrative compliance (only for projects which have been selected for funding).
Benefit and quality evaluation shall be conducted only for eligible applications that meet project eligibility criteria, with relation to the nature/legal status of applicants and the eligible proposed activities, set in the Guidelines for applicants. In this phase, projects will be ranked based on the level of their contribution to the programme objectives.
At least two independent experts shall conduct the benefit and quality evaluation of each eligible application. Applications shall be scored in accordance with benefit and quality evaluation criteria, which may not be changed in the course of the evaluation of projects. The criteria and the maximum possible score according to each criterion are indicated in Annex 6 to the Guidelines. The overall maximum score, which may be given according to all criteria of evaluation of the project’s benefit and quality, shall be 100. 60 shall be the minimum mandatory score for projects to receive support under this call.
At the time of the eligibility evaluation of applications, the CPMA may ask the Applicant to submit the missing information and/ or documents.
Applications shall be evaluated within 5 months after the deadline for the submission of applications specified in the call for applications.
Total budget of the Call €4,300,000.00
€ 2,150,000.00 is planned for each of the funding strands.
Minimum and maximum grant applied

The minimum grant applied for shall  200,000.  The maximum grant applied for shall be € 1,000,000. 

Project grant rate The maximum grant rate is 90% of the total eligible expenditure of a project.
Duration of the projects Up to 36 months, but not than till 30 April 2024
Contacts for more information Central Project Management Agency (CPMA)
E-mail:, Tel. (+370) 5 210 7479, (+370) 643 01 306, (+370) 663 13 753, Fax (+370) 5 251 4401
Reply to questions posed by e-mail or fax will be provided within 5 working days after the receipt of the enquiry at the CPMA.
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