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ICT | "Development of financial management model for solar parks"

Project promoter UAB INION LT
Project name "Development of a financial management model for solar parks"
Project code LT07-1-EIM-02-013
Funding 838 750,03 Eur
Project partners Green Business Norway (NO) 

As the infrastructure of solar parks around the world expands, more and more investment is being made not only in their development but also in their efficient construction. The different climatic conditions in many countries affect their optimal installation, with problems due to an excessive variety of equipment, unstable generation and the necessary measures to manage solar parks. The most common problems are the lack of a unified monitoring system, which would make it easier to ensure the efficient management of the various solar parks and power plants, and even predict the return on investment before they are built.

Project aims
› To develop software for solar park developers that will help predict the return on investment before building a solar park in the selected area, will allow to assess the condition of existing solar parks, maximize and maintain the profitability of parks and calculate future forecasts;
› Existing solar parks will be given the opportunity to self-assess efficiency, regardless of the equipment used;
 New solar parks will benefit from calculating payback and returns based on geographic location criteria such as cloud cover, sun intensity, number of sunny days, sun angle, day length, ambient temperature, and more.


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