Strengthening of Inter-agency Cooperation and Increasing of Crime Investigation Quality in the Lithuanian Police

Project promoter: Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania
Project title: Strengthening of Inter-agency Cooperation and Increasing of Crime Investigation Quality in the Lithuanian Police
Project code: LT06-4-VRM-TF-001
Project eligible expenditure: EUR 4.306.578,16 Eur (EUR 3.660.591,44  grant from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and EUR 645.986,72 budget co-financing)
Project signature date: 9 July 2020
Project implementation period: 10 June 2020 – 30 April 2024

Why is the project needed? 

Organized crime is a constantly growing and evolving threat. Organized criminal groups use innovative communication tools and invest heavily in advanced technologies. In order to be more efficient, the police must find innovative solutions, adopt and use new advanced technologies and laboratory equipment. It is also very important to maintain cooperation with foreign law enforcement institutions, in order to fight, prevent and investigate organized and cross-border crimes.
The project aims to strengthen the Lithuanian and Norwegian police capacities and cross-border cooperation through sharing best practices in fighting crime, and to increase the Lithuanian police capacities to prevent, disclose and investigate crimes by adopting advanced technologies and undergoing specialized training.

The project includes:
  • Operational meetings of the Lithuanian and Norwegian police as well as other law enforcement agencies;
  • Best practice exchange visits to foreign countries;
  • Training for police officers;
  • Training for forensic experts;
  • Acquisition/modernization of technological tools used in crime investigation;
  • Acquisition of forensic equipment;
  • Activities aimed at economic stimulus in operational criminal cases;
  • Producing and keeping up to date relevant intelligence.
Target groups of the project are officers of the Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau (LCPB), the Lithuanian Police Forensic Science Centre (LPFSC) and the National Criminal Investigation Service (KRIPOS). The end beneficiary is a general public of Lithuania and Norway.
Donor project partner KRIPOS will participate in operational meetings and attend training events. The Lithuanian project partners (LCPB and LPFSC) will participate in training events and use the advanced technologies and equipment acquired within the project.  


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