Green Industry Innovations | "Development of a less polluting, automated facade system integrated into building management systems"

Projekto vykdytojas UAB STATICUS
Projekto pavadinimas "Integration of a less polluting, automated façade system into building management systems"
Projekto kodas LT07-1-EIM-01-003
Tinkamų finansuoti projekto išlaidų suma 1 659 888,10 Eur
Projekto partneriai Oslo Metropolitan University (NO), Kauno technologijos universitetas (LT), Nepriklausomų tyrimų centras SINTEF (NO)

A sustainable façade is not just a buzzword, but a solution needed in the construction sector, as today's European buildings use around 40% of energy and emit 36% of CO2. In ConTech area, new systems and sustainability in the construction products market has enormous potential as it gradually moves towards more sustainable and digitally advanced solutions. An innovative initiative that provides a CO2-reducing, remote façade maintenance system will help to promote green transformation on a national and worldwide scale.

Project aims
Contribution to the creation of innovative solutions in the construction field that will help to lessen the harmful impact on the environment;
Conversion of aluminum systems to wood-based structures that will reduce the CO2 footprint by up to 70-75% and primary energy consumption from non-renewable sources by 53-56%;
Creation and implementation of integrated sensors that will allow to monitor the parameters of the new façade system, integrating it with common building management systems and implementing a predictable service model.

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