Decision Regarding the Projects to be Funded has been made

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania (the Programme operator) announces that the decision regarding the funding of the projects, submitted during the open call of the programme LT06 “Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage” under the EEA financial mechanism 2009-2014, has been made.

Overall, 112 applications were received under the Programme. Requested funding exceeded the total budget 5,38 times (total amount applied for: EUR 50 595 814.72, the budget of the Programme: EUR 9 402 398). On Friday, the 15th of May 2014, the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania released the Order IV-353, that approved the allocation of the funds to 17 projects. The Minister of Culture made the decision taking into account the recommendations of the Project selection committee and Central Project management agency (hereinafter- CPMA).

Selected projects include:


  • 8 projects on the maintenance of wooden buildings of immovable cultural heritage (“Funding Measure I“)
  • 7 projects on the completion of maintenance works on partly restored non-wooden immovable cultural heritage and the adaptation of cultural heritage buildings for the public needs (“Funding Measure II”)
  • 2 projects on the establishment or development of applied cultural heritage research and conservation centres in cultural heritage buildings (“Funding Measure III”).

Central Project Management Agency will contact the project promoters for signing project agreements and other relevant matters.

In case the Project promoters will refuse the funding, and (or) a residual amount of funds will become disposable, and (or) the overall amount of funds will increase for the reasons stated in the legal acts, all the additional funds will be allocated to the projects in the reserve list by the approval of separate orders of the Minister of Culture.

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